Alexis Convento (she/her) is a Pilipinx American producer, curator and artist between Berlin, Germany and New York City. With a background in dance and many years working with big brands in marketing, her true passions turn to grassroots organizing and creating community with others.

Undoing and relearning are constant themes within Alexis’ personal practice, allowing her to come closer to a pre-colonial ancestry. Whether that be through the preparation of Pilipino dishes or collaborating with like-minded BIPoC chefs under Ulam; or as part of diaspora art collective, DULA, these projects allow Alexis to forge a pathway towards truly decolonizing and reclaiming her roots. In addition, she collaborates with fellow Pilipinx American artists Jay Carlon and Angeline Meitzler as istorya-istorya, by (re)imagining the Pilipinx/a/o identity through collective research and practice in conversation, food and play.

Her inspirations are her lolas who migrated to the US in the 1960s, the non-operating family coconut farm in the Philippines, and the imagining of what a tropical future can look for those displaced from their homeland.