Litchi (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist, in the realms of dance, critical theory & activism. She is a member of the Iconic House of Saint Laurent, member of the collective With the Rubbles of Old Palaces .

Litchi has gone through various dance styles before finding Voguing and Ballroom and a home with the people within that community. Being part of the Ballroom community, she understands her contribution as a community organiser & position in a constant push for decolonial & intersectional thinking & practicing. This happens through working cross boundary with the community & and within the popular media realm. Her work always involves a critical outlook to deconstruct norms, especially those who are a disservice to marginalised peoples, within academic & theoretical frameworks. Currently she is moving her focus on creative rituals, especially through dance, to uplift & celebrate the multiplicities of diasporic peoples & dwell further into her own ancestry & histories.

Born & raised in Leipzig, she‘s spent a few years in London, where she started to merge art & activism with the collective “Video Vexens“ before coming to Berlin.