Thao Ho

Thao Ho is a researcher, event producer, activist and filmmaker based in Berlin. She is currently completing her Master studies at HU Berlin while working as a student assistant for the project “rev(isual)ising intersectionalities”. Her research interests include political grassroot movements, aesthetics of representation, countercultures. She initiated Deutsche Asiat*Innen, Make Noise! (DAMN*) in 2017, which has grown into a political platform and open activist groups that mobilize and connect members of the Asian diaspora in Germany. Through her work at women’s shelters and within migrant queer-feminist contexts, Thao’s activist approach puts emphasis on and continuously experiments with practices of empowerment, self-education & community work. She was part of the selected participants of the Young Curators Academy at GORKI theater in 2019. She is co-editor of WEAK zine and co-initiator of kitchen table talk (ktt), an autonomous student group raising awareness about intersectional discrimination at HU Berlin. In her video work, Thao has been focusing on topics of belonging, loss/memory, and “family”/cross generational conversations. 

Photo credits: Huong Nam Thi Nguyen