Exercise 2: alalahanin (recall)

Visualize (3 min)

Take the time to recall a story. Perhaps it’s a story told by an elder or a relative that you have never met. If you have little to no knowledge of your human ancestors, perhaps it is a story told by an animal, plant or spirit, native to your homeland. 

Write (7 min)

Write down your version of this story. Be specific and include as many details as possible: 

  • Describe the story. Have you learnt this story from someone?
  • When does this story take place? Is it during a certain time of day, season or moment in history?
  • Recall any specific visual details, like the colors of the sky, the texture of the earth, or the fabric pattern of one’s clothing.
  • Recall any emotions or bodily sensations that you or others feel during this story. 
  • Recall any specific words, sayings or phrases said by those in the story.
  • Is there a moral or a lesson learned from this story? If so, what is it?

Reflect (10 min)

Reflect upon your visualization and writing, individually or through collective conversation:

  • What was the story about? Did you learn this story from someone? 
  • Why do you believe that this story was recalled in your mind?
  • Share your recallings of:
    • Visual details;
    • Emotions or bodily sensations; and/or
    • Words, sayings, phrases by you or others in the story.
  • Why do you believe these certain recallings came up for you?
  • Are there morals / lessons that you have learned from this recalling? If so, please share.
  • Say aloud the first 3 words that come up for you in relation to this recalling. Reflect upon these 3 words.
  • As a group: Thread together morals / lessons of each of the stories. Are there any themes among these morals / lessons?