Exercise 3: mahayag (manifest)

Visualize (3 min)

Take the time to visualize a motherland that you hope a future generation will see. What are the harmonies and synergies between one another; with the environment?

Write (7 min)

Write down your visualization as a short letter to future kin, either blood-related or chosen, known or unknown. Be specific and include as many details as you can: 

  • Include details on where you are in this current moment: 
    • Today’s date, time and/or season;
    • Your location (can be a certain place in your home, like the bedroom, or simply the city/town/village in which you currently live);
    • Your current mood or emotional state; and/or
    • A current event happening in the world.
  • What do you want to preserve / pass on to the future? You can describe the environment / land that you want to leave behind; ways in which your community works and/or lives together; as well as traditions (old, new, recently imagined) within your culture.
  • What are your wishes / hopes / desires for them? Compare these wishes to your current ways of living and surviving.
  • What are the words of wisdom that you share with them, so they can then pass them on to the(ir) future? Did you learn these words from someone in your family (blood or chosen)?

Reflect (10 min)

Reflect upon your visualization and letter, individually or through collective conversation:

  • Read aloud / share an excerpt of your letter to the group. Why did you decide to share this part?
  • Share what you would like preserved / passed on to your future. Why did you decide to preserve these matters, specifically?
  • Name one wish / desire that you wrote about in the letter. Are there ways in which you can make these wishes or desires a part of your present-day reality? How so?
  • As a group: Vocalize a one-sentence affirmation of your desires for the future, in reflection of today’s work and in continuance of your personal journey.