Editorial Partners

Asia-Art-Activism was launched in 2018 as an interdisciplinary and intergenerational research network of artists, curators, writers and academics investigating ‘Asia’, ‘art’ and ‘activism’ in the UK and transnationally through research, dialogue, practice and collective work.

DAMN* is a political platform and open activist collective that connects, ampflifies and mobilizes members and voices of the Asian diaspora in Germany against fascism, sexism, racism and other forms of intersecting discrimination through political community organizing, education and empowerment. 

Healing Justice Ldn (HJL) creates safe spaces for healing for communities that are marginalised. We are inspired by social, disability and health justice, embodiment, creative-arts therapy and trauma-informed practice, involving deep listening and authentic lived experience participation. We merge theory with practice to reimagine wholeness and wellbeing at the intersection of adversity, disadvantage and oppression. 

We are led by people of colour and lived experience, working on the intersections of oppression, health, healing and liberation practice. We seek to undo harms, repair, vision and sustain possible futures free from intimate, interpersonal and structural violence.

The House of Saint Laurent, (formerly the House of Melody) is known as the first German Ballroom House by the pioneering European mother Leo Saint Laurent. The collective understands its work in the intersections of anti-racist work and LGBTQ+ advocacy, as Ballroom culture was founded by black and latinx transwomen in New York in the 1980s. In Germany, Europe and beyond, it is about empowerment, support through the creative forms of dance, fashion and within the other categories and facets of Ballroom, that go beyond just Voguing as well as education about Ballroom and the intersections it touches. This is realised through organisation of Balls, workshops, talks and taking creative space for expression.

The Six Tones is a group that plays Vietnamese music in hybrid settings for Western stringed instruments and traditional Vietnamese instruments and improvise in traditional and experimental Western idioms and also commission new works in collaboration with artists in Asia as well as in other parts of the world. Our main point of departure has been to create a foundation for a meeting between two distinct musical cultures on equal terms. 

Un.thai.tled was founded in Berlin 2019 by Sarnt Utamachote and Wisanu Phu-artdun as a network to connect Thai/Asian-diasporic creatives/thinkers/cultural actors in Germany. It aims to create platforms/opportunities for critical collaborations and working together through curatorial practices, to reclaim the rights of telling stories and identities and defy stereotypes or public judgments through artistic practices. It is a part of a bigger network of Asian-diasporic political actors who try to reshape Berlin’s diverse cultural scape and rework its histories.



The Voice of Domestic Workers is a self-organised network and campaigning group calling for justice and rights for Britain’s migrant domestic workers. It provides educational and community activities for domestic workers – including English lessons, drama and art classes, and employment advice, and provides support for domestic workers who exit from abusive employers.Their work seeks to end discrimination and exploitation and protect the rights of migrant domestic workers in the UK.